The story of the Phoenix Flower, the story of the school flower of Xiamen University?

The story of the Phoenix Flower, the story of the school flower of Xiamen University?

The story of Phoenix Flower

1. The origin of the Phoenix Flower

There is an ancient and beautiful Legend in Xiamen : Very Earlier, the grass was not born here, and there was no smoke. A group of egrets returned to the south and stopped on the shore to rest. The leader of the big egrets found that fish and shrimp in the water had sufficient food. The hunter's bows and arrows harassed, so it drumped to the island and led the group of egrets to settle down. The egrets also set up their own homes. Some egrets pecking their claws with their mouths, which took the power of nine cows and two tigers to excavate a lot of spring eyes, and the clear spring water flowed down; other egrets came from the mainland to various flower seeds, grass seeds, sowed and sprinkled. On the island, the island is full of flowers and green grass. The mountains and water show, the flowers of the flowers attracted many birds to build nests; bees and butterflies also came to collect pollen. Suddenly the island became lively and colorful.

This scene made the snake king entangled under the East China Sea extremely jealous. It wanted to occupy the beautiful island built by this egret, so he led the snake demon to make waves, and the island flew on the sand and stones. In order to defend his home, egrets fought dead with snake demon. The leading Da Lu created the snake king and drove away the snake demon, but it was also seriously injured and lay in a pool of blood. Later, on the land that had been sprinkled with the blood, a tall tree grew up, and the leaves of the tree opened like a big heron; the flower of the tree was red like the blood of the big heron. This tree is called Phoenix trees; this flower is called the Phoenix Flower.

2. Phoenix flower flower language: parting, miss.

The flower of the phoenix flower fire Phoenix tree. Fire Phoenix is \u200b\u200balso known as safflower landslide and fire tree. It blooms in May, five petals, beautiful flowers, and bright red with yellow halo.

Mayday, mountain flowers are springing, and the fiery phoenix flower is like a group of fire phoenix feathers. The petals on the branches are red and large, and the petals of the group are wrapped, like a bunch of burning balloons. Check the relevant information, and learn that Phoenix flowers, also known as safflower landslides, fire trees, Su Muke, and Su Muke. Large deciduous trees, tropical ornamental flowers, native to Madagascar. The trunk is as high as 20 meters, and the canopy is semi -circular. It blooms to the end of the summer. The flowers are five petals, the flowers are beautiful, and the red red halo is bright. Because its leaves are like the feathers of the Phoenix and the crown of the flower of the Danfeng, it is named Phoenix, which has fallen and its color does not fade; when the flowers bloom, the fire on the branches is very beautiful. It turns out that Phoenix Flower and Phoenix have the same beauty and magnificent colors, teach people to pity and fascinates. Phoenix flowers are cities in Shantou and Tainan, Taiwan, city trees in Xiamen, and Madagascar flowers and national trees.

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