Sword orchid origin and flower meaning, eternal flower origin meaning?

Sword orchid The corolla barrier is swollen, and the color is red, yellow, purple, white, blue and other monochrome or compound colors. It is commonly cultivated around the world. It is known as \u0026 ldquo; in the world's four major cut flowers; Each flower has its own flower language, so what is the flower language of sword orchids? Let ’s take the world of the sword orchids with the calendar editor to understand its flower language and Legend . Sword orchid

Flower Language

What is the flower language of the sword orchid?

Sword orchid origin and flower meaning, eternal flower origin meaning?

Sword orchid flowers: Missing feelings, love, heart, longevity, Corning

Send flower

Object: Lover , Father, teacher, friend, classmate

Jianlan introduction

Jianlan native to South Africa, with various flowers in color, mainly based on red, yellow, purple, and blue. Advanced worlds are cultivated in the world. It mainly cultivates state -owned United States, the Netherlands, and Japan. It is an extremely important fresh cut flower and is widely used in decoration and interpolation.

Jianlan is generally used as a flower that is used to express nostalgia, and can also be used as expressing love and longevity. In the sensory of the Chinese, Jianlan is used as a blessing plant for implying rising and solid. Fulu is the object of many congratulations to the application of the flower basket. In Europe and the United States, sword orchids, saying that Jianlan is the embodiment of the samurai slaughter sword, and can be a home, because it is often used as a court plant. Jianlan expresses love, the flower language is \u0026 ldquo; Youhui \u0026 rdquo;, but the flower language that extends on the basis of this flower language is also \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo; although the favors can increase the emotion, it is more important.

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