How to use flowers to show blessings,

When you welcome your relatives and friends, you can choose to give away a bouquet of wisteria and horseshoe.

When your friend\'s company is opened, you can choose red rose, Peony , Yipinhong, Fortune Tree and other gifts to show that he wishes it a good job and a prosperous business.

You can choose the quiet and elegant plain Canglan, Jianlan, carnation , etc. in your visual visits, and wish your friends to recover soon.

I wish my colleagues\' birthdays, optional pomegranate flowers, red roses, etc., expressing the wishes of youth and forehead.

At the festival, you can choose to send Dali flowers, peony flowers, daffodil flowers, Jiqing fruit, kumquat, champion red, auspicious fruit and other flowers to represent auspiciousness.

When you and your friends are going to farewell, you can choose peony flowers as a farewell gift to express your feelings for friends.

The husband and wife can give each other with each other, and the leaves of Hehuan flowers are relatively close to each other.

I wish the parents\' flowers optional swords Orchid , carnations, Lily flowers, chrysanthemum Man Xing , Wannianqing, etc. Healthy, happy and happy, long -lived.

For children\'s birthday, you should choose a bright, exquisite small flower basket, plus some small cartoons, animals, toys, handkerchiefs, candy and other gifts to make children feel that the gifts are warm and practical.

When congratulations to the wedding, you can choose Sending flowers Flowers with colorful and rich flowers, such as lily, roses, peony, rose, etc., which means wealth and auspiciousness and happiness.

We send flowers to international friends, and we should choose traditional Chinese famous flowers, representing a long national culture, prosperous civilization, and the atmosphere of the country.

It can be given to the person who loves love, you can choose Qiu Begonia , because Begonia aliases are called acacia red, which contains the meaning of bitter love, which means comfort.

The lovers in love can send roses, Rose flowers or osmanthus, these flowers have become the token and symbol of love with their beauty and elegance fragrance.

I wish the elders\' birthday a birthday to send longevity flowers, Dali flowers, spring flowers, orchids, etc.

Friends of the business community can choose to give a rhododendron, Dalihua, Ivy vine, etc., blessing its future, and success.

Send retirees to choose orchids, plum blossoms, red maple, and gentleman orchids to congratulate him for a long time and keep the gentleman\'s grace and mind.

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