What is Phalaenopsis, what is the flower language and meaning of Phalaenopsis?

What is Phalaenopsis, what is the flower language and meaning of Phalaenopsis?

Phalaenopsis What is the flower language? What is the symbolic significance of Phalaenopsis? What is the meaning of Phalaenopsis?

Phalaenopsis found in 1750 that the scientific name of Phalaenopsis was \u0026 ldquo; like a butterfly orchid \u0026 rdquo;. Its flower is beautiful and gorgeous. It is a treasure in the tropical orchid. It has the reputation of \u0026 ldquo; Lanzhong Queen \u0026 rdquo;

Phalaenopsis is loved by people, especially during the festival, often used as a gift from business exchanges. Phalaenopsis can make the office environment or home full of festive atmosphere. Of course, the reason why Phalaenopsis is very popular is also inseparable from its flower language.

What is Phalaenopsis? What does Phalaenopsis mean? Phalaenopsis is: I love you, fly to you happily!

Phalaenopsis has a lot of colors. The most attractive is the red Phalaenopsis, the yellow Phalaenopsis, and the white Phalaenopsis. Their flower language is different.

White Flower Phalaenopsis flowers are pure and precious. When you are new, put a white flower Phalaenopsis at home to warn this beautiful marriage; those who live with friends and put a plant at home, indicating that they live in harmony.

The red heart Phalaenopsis is the head of Hongyun, and the heart is eternal.

The red Phalaenopsis is a smooth career and happiness. This is believed that it is the wish of all young couples. Planting a red Phalaenopsis can add a little color to marriage and career.

Plug -in orchid language is a smooth thing and a real thing. It can be said that Phalaenopsis is suitable for every family and every age.

Yellow Phalaenopsis is a developed and prosperous business. The yellow Phalaenopsis is particularly suitable for people who do business, which can bring them good luck.

Also, the mini Phalaenopsis is a happy angel and a wind and a beautiful way.

Obviously, the Phalaenopsis is not only flattering, but also the role of Feng Shui, so it is very popular at all festivals such as the Spring Festival.

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