Tetracea or clover is considered a symbol of good luck. How does the clover become teta?

Tetracea or clover is considered a symbol of good luck. How does the clover become teta?

Teta or clover is considered a symbol of good luck, partly due to its natural rarity. It is estimated that the three -leaf clover's opportunity for four leaves is one in ten thousand. The origin of superstitions can be traced back to the Bible stories of Adam and Eve. It can be believed that when Eve was kicked out of the Garden of Eden, she took the four -leaf clover to remind her the denseness of heaven. Since then, it has become a symbol of good luck and auspiciousness.

According to Ireland's belief, superstition comes from Rev. Druid. They use clover to cure patients, worshiping rituals and resisting evil. Prior to this, Santa Patrick found that clover was an extraordinary plant. When a couple gets married in ancient Egypt, they usually give them four -leaf clover. This is their blessing and their representative of their eternal love.

Some beliefs about the power of the four leaf clover include:

1. Do each leaf on the four lucky symbols have a specific meaning? Belief, hope, love and luck.

2. Children and adults hang four -leaf and three -leaf grass at home to avoid evil, witchcraft and bad signs.

3. A person who discovered the clover will meet a future lover on the same day. Some people even put clover in shoes.

4. Anyone with four -leaf grass will have good luck in any adventure they tried.

5. Four -leaf clover is a charm of protecting evil.

6. Anyone wearing four -leaf grass can see the fairy.

7. A belief pointed out that only if the four -leaf grass is not within the field of sight and will never be passed to others, you can have good luck. Another statement pointed out that if you give the clover to others, your luck will double.

Therefore, please always pay attention to the clover, because you can never get enough good luck!

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