Common green plant names.

Four common green plants include loose tail, green, rich bamboo, and fortune trees. They all have high ornamental value. Sanotaka is native to Africa; the young age belongs to the Tianmen Winter Flagian; the rich bamboo is often grown by me to watch the leaves;

Four common green plants

1. Sanota

Common green plant names.

One of the named names, loose tail bamboo is also known as yellow coconut, and is often planted as potted plants. It has certain ornamental value. Sanota is a tropical plant and is native to Africa. It likes to grow in a warm and humid environment. It is best to place plants in a semi -yin ventilation place during breeding.


Common green plant names.

万年青属于天门冬科植物,多生长在草地和湿地旁,我国山东、江西、 There are mostly grown in Guizhou and other regions. Wan Nianqing likes to grow in a high -temperature and humidity environment, and it is extremely cold. It is best to control the indoor temperature above 12 degrees when planting. In winter, you should take cold prevention measures in advance.

3. Fugui bamboo

Common green plant names. Wealth bamboo is also known as Wanshouju, which belongs The leaves are planted, and its leaves are smooth, and the leaves are emerald green, which is very ornamental. The demand for light for rich bamboo is not high, so that the plants can be irradiated with astigmatism during planting. When planting in summer, it should be appropriately covered with shade.

4. Fortune Tree

Fortune tree belongs Planting, the fortune tree will bloom from May to November each year, and then the fruit will mature. Its peel can be eaten before cooked, and its seeds can be fried. Fortune tree grows fast, and fertilizes the plant in time when planting. Common green plant names.

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