Duoduo fertilizer model is detailed.

There are many models of Hua Duoduo fertilizer, and the corresponding functions and functions of different models are different. The main content of this fertilizer is nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, but the proportion of them is different. In order to promote the better growth of plants and solve the problems encountered by plants in growth.

Detailed explanation of Hua Duoduo's fertilizer model

1. Hua Duo No. 1

Duoduo fertilizer model is detailed.

] The main ingredient is nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This is the most widely used fertilizer. It can be used in ordinary stages of ordinary plants. It can be used with Huaduo No. 2 in other periods. Generally, the proportion of nitrogen and potassium in No. 1 is 1: 2. It is best to use during the production cycle, because potted plants can easily cause potassium loss. Duoduo fertilizer model is detailed.

2. Hua Duo No. 2

Regardless Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are only their contents. The content of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium No. 2 is 10-30-20. It can be seen that No. 2 contains high phosphorus fertilizer, which is generally used to promote root flowering. This can speed up the growth rate of plants. Duoduo fertilizer model is detailed. 3. Huaduo No. 8

Huaduo No. 8 is a more special fertilizer. It is suitable for use at cloudy days and at low temperatures, and the effect is very considerable. It contains nitrate nitrogen that can be quickly absorbed by plants. It is an ideal agent of plants in winter. The content of nitrogen and potassium is high.

Duoduo fertilizer model is detailed. 4. Hua Duo No. 15

This is a fertilizer that can promote rooting and germination. The proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is 9-45-15, which is suitable for plants in the early stages of growth, especially after transplantation, which has a clear effect on promoting roots. This fertilizer can also speed up the flowering speed of plants to prevent the plant from falling fruit and reduce acidity. , Improve the quality of the product.

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