Life is tenacious plants.

There are many plants with tenacious vitality in the world. They can still survive in extreme weather. Plants such as cypress, sea buckthorn, eorurus, and Qianlianlan are more tenacious plants. A very important role is that many of them are guardians in the desert areas.

Plants that are more tenacious in life

1, Bai Bai

Life is tenacious plants. Speaking of it when it comes to Most people with tenacious plants reflect the fairy plants for the first time. In fact, the vitality of the rolling cypress is also tenacious. It can also grow again in the case of completely dry. It is extremely resistant to drought. Soaking its root system in the water will stretch it again.

2, sea buckthorn

Life is tenacious plants. Seabuckthorn is a natural wild medicinal plant with extremely tenacious vitality,, It generally grows in areas with extremely climatic climate. Dry and cold barren mountainous areas and deserts can often see its traces. It not only has tenacious vitality, but also has the effects of preventing soil loss, governing the ecological environment, and preventing land desertification.

3, Populus Popularity

Tu Yang is a kind of plant that is often heard. It is often planted In the desert, used to prevent land desertification is an integral part of the desert oasis, and it is also a plant with more tenacious vitality. It is very resistant to drought and high temperature and barren. It's not decaying. Life is tenacious plants.

4, Chitose orchid

Qianshilan is the most drought -resistant plant in the world, only the whole body has only the body, only the whole body has only the body, only the whole body has only the body. Two leaves, its life span is very long and can live in areas where it rains all the year round for many years. Although it does not look good, it can be used to eat or bake, and taste is pretty good. Therefore, many people call it desert onion.

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