The beautiful glory in winter follows the sun,

The beautiful glory in winter follows the sun,

The shadow of the glory can be seen in the fields, crushed rocks, hedges, shrubs and weeds in the \u0026 hell; \u0026 hellip; where there are flowers and plants, there is life. Drive happily! Between the cracks of the stones, the glory of the cattle,

is energetic and unwilling to show weakness. In the middle of the trees and weeds, the glory is uncomfortable. Nothing is even more eye -catching than a bunch of glory flowers next to the fence. The glory looks like a trumpet. When I was young, I liked to call it glory. The glory is rich in color, including blue, red, purple, white, powder, etc. There are also mixed colors, so it looks good! As long as you are attentive, you will become the scenery in your eyes as long as you are attentive. The most beautiful thing is that the wind blows, the horn blows, and the clouds are screaming. The sky seems to be the destination of its dream.

Morning Glory, this name has a legend . Listen to the older generation.

According to legend, the Emperor Jade Emperor gave them to Wumu Mountain for more than 900 years in order to punish more than 100 young cows. There is a pair of twin sisters in Funiu Mountain, who is hardworking and kind, and is full of enthusiasm for the village. Under the leadership of the white -haired fairy, he opened the eyes of Wumu Mountain with the key of the silver trumpet, released the green cattle essence that is about to become a Taurus, and benefited the villagers. This key has been available in 19900. It took only a while, and it couldn't work. The dairy cows released by the sisters were taken away by the village chief, leaving only one. The sisters pulled hard. It's dawn, the mountain eyes are getting smaller, and the cow can't come out. The villagers helped outside the mountain, and the cows came out. Later, the eyes of the mountain closed immediately. Unfortunately, the sisters could not leave the cave and were locked in the mountains. When the sun came out, the silver trumpet in the mountains changed and became a small flower. He also said that in order to commemorate the sisters, the glory is also called the glory.

Morning Glory is also known as \u0026 ldquo; diligent ladies \u0026 rdquo;. As the name suggests, it is a very hard -working flower. Whenever the rooster cries everywhere, around 4 am, the glory of the glory wrapped around the fence will bloom like a horn flower. At dawn, people enjoy fresh air while enjoying flowers with green leaves. It's really interesting, so the glory is also called \u0026 ldquo; Chaoyan \u0026 rdquo;.

Of course, the above is just a legend, but the glory is a hard -working and kind woman! I like glory.

The glory flowers bloom for a long time, bloom in summer, last for half a year or even eight months, and the summer and autumn are the most prosperous. Of course, blowing a small number is also fun. When the speaker flower is bud, the flower bone is sharp, like a small conch. When I was young, I liked to remove all kinds of flowers and bones, pouting my mouth, blowing gently, and snapped, a small speaker laughed instantly! Carefully hold it in your palms, study carefully, be reluctant to throw it away, and then string the small horns with dogtail grass, tie it, wear it on the neck, and make a string of flower necklaces! Also wear on your hairWith beautiful headdress! Wear bracelets on the wrist, but compare with friends. My pink is very beautiful, my white is very beautiful, and my purple is very eye -catching. Because of the glory, girls always exaggerate and pursue the simplicity of beauty. At that time, they were all nailed to the glory. Girls are born to love flowers, and they have an inextricable bond with flowers! I like glory, sunny, down -to -earth, and good to the girl next door! Every weekend, when going out of the outing or climbing, it is a glory of the countryside. It is light purple, light blue and pink white. Just like Dan Qing's delicate touch, let it appear in BlackPink! The blue sky is its background, the hillside is its stage, the wind applauds it, and the clouds shout for it. The little glory danced, and the colorful horns smiled comfortably in the wind. I couldn't help being attracted by it. The glory swaying in the wind nodded frequently. Look at that, don't like people. The tiredness faded away in the smile of the glory, the sweet smile of the girl next door.

The beautiful glory in winter follows the sun,

I like to glory, it is full of vitality. Chunhong has thanked it, and the glory flowers bloom; the autumn leaves are withered, and the glory flowers are in full bloom. Early in the morning, the campus was slippery. The empty football field was declining. The sycamore leaves trembled in the wind. The jade orchid was gone. Oh, the winter is quiet. The glory should be resting. After all, it blooms throughout the summer and autumn, embellished for most of the seasons. It must be tired, it's time to end, glory. Thinking about it this way, I was very satisfied with my heart. I unknowingly accelerated my footsteps. Suddenly, the glory broke into my eyes again, and inadvertently glanced at the shadow of the glory. With a closer look, a glory flower is open in the cold wind. It is pink, and the bottom of the speaker is also mixed with a touch of white. The petals on the side of the trumpet are like girls' pomegranate skirts with smooth lines. For me, this should be amazing. Under the sycamore tree, its charming and slender vine wrapped tightly on the trunk of the sycamore tree, extending slightly, indicating that it crawled upwards. The weak vine, the heart -shaped leaves are green, tender, thin, thin petals, pink small petite and cute. What a touching warm color in the desolate winter morning! The other flowers have disappeared. Can the seemingly delicate little glory bloom in the cold weather? This can't help but surprise me! I like to take pictures at hand, how can I miss such a scenery? Immediately take out the phone and take a cow flower in the cold wind. This morning, I was moved by the glory. Weak with strength.

It is persistence, growing hard, and in the direction of dreams. I have to say that the glory is a tenacious woman in the flower!

Several winter days, so long. Snowflakes are floating in the sky. My heart is tight. Can the weak glory flowers survive the severe winter? In the early morning of the next day, with an expectation, I specially found the big sycamore during the morning exercise. I saw a bunch of sycamore leaves lying under the sycamore trees. The weak vines are yellow, the heart -shaped leaves on the vines withered, floating alone in the wind, and the glory is gone!The glory can not afford the severe winter, even if it is so strong, there is a trace of disappointment in my heart.The dead branches are surrounded by red vines with small red particles. They are as large as peas, bright and bright, and they are planted with glory!For the first time, I saw the seeds of glory, and I took one curiously.The aunt next door told me that cattle seeds can cure diseases, have medicinal value, and can expect and kill insects.Oh, glory is very useful!Next year, when the spring breeze is windy, there will be many glory everywhere.Thinking about it this way, there is also a hint of joy.This winter, my heart has always been warm, because there is a horn like a glory, blowing the horn towards the dream in my heart!

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