Is the rose root of the mountain withering?

The wilting of the rose of the mountain may be excessive watering. At this time, the watering should be stopped and it is placed in the dry ventilation. Replace loose and fertile and well -drained soil planting; if you fertilize too much, you can rinse the roots with water and plant it into a new pot soil.

The reason for the withered rose root system of the mountains

1. Watering overdose

Is the rose root of the mountain withering?

Many people will breed mountain roses , But later, it will be found that the rose root of the mountains is withered, which may be caused by excessive watering. Mountain roses are wet plants, but too frequent watering will cause their roots to rot and wither. At this time Place in a dry and ventilated place for maintenance.

2. Excessive light

Is the rose root of the mountain withering? Mountain rose growth requires sufficient light, but too strong light will lead Being sunburned makes the roots unable to absorb water normally, so the rhizomes will become dry. At this time, it is best to put it at the astigmatism shine at this time, and keep it for 8 hours a day.

3. Soil plate

Planting mountain roses must choose a loose, fertile, well -drained soil. If the drainage of the soil drainage If the sexuality is not good, the soil plate is easy to cause the water to flow into the soil, so that the roots can not absorb water, causing the roots of mountain roses to wither. Is the rose root of the mountain withering?

4. Excessive fertilization

Mountain roses are not large in demand for fertilizer, so you do not need to apply too much. You can sprinkle granular thin fertilizer in a flower pot. If you sprinkle raw fertilizer or thick fertilizer, it will cause severe burns and cannot grow normally. In the new pot soil, it can be restored for 2 months to stop fertilizing. Is the rose root of the mountain withering?

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