Winter of ancient flower poems,

September \"Chrysanthemum\"

Winter of ancient flower poems,

\"Not the Future Fu Chrysanthemum\"

[Tang] Huang Chao

In September 8th, after I bloomed, I was killed.

Chongtian incense array through Chang'an, full of golden armor.

The flower language of wild chrysanthemums: merit, laziness, oriental mystery

People born in September can think independently, serious and lonely, introverted, taciturn, self -appreciation, sometimes bold and courageous.

October \"Camellia\"

Winter of ancient flower poems,

\"Passing Dupu Bridge\"

Lu You Song

The outer wave of the bridge Duck head green, the wine in the cup is a goose yellow.

The camellia was drunk and woke up, but crossed Xicun to see the sunset.

Mountain Camellia Flower: Pink Mountain Camellia Flower Language is overcoming difficulties. Because the golden mountain camellia is very old and rare, its flower language is humble, rational love, virtue, and cute.

People born in October are enthusiastic, positive and brave, confident, and only the strengths of confidantes, and do not understand the suffering of others.

Moral cultivation: 正 [[, generous manner, can help others, although selfish, can often be awe of friends.

November \"Hibiscus Flower\"

Winter of ancient flower poems,

Song Wang Anshi

countless wood hibiscus by the water edge of the water The dew -stained rouge is not thick.

It seems that the beauty is drunk at first, and the green mirror is lifting up.

People born in November are smart and capable, their minds are clever, can be randomly strained, and they are enthusiastic and thoughtful to people, and they are respectful and loved by everyone.

December \"Plum Blossom\"

Winter of ancient flower poems,

[Tang] Lu Elephant

Jiangnan Ice is closed, and Shanze Qi is submerged.

The month of the moon heard the birds, and the cliff saw the bear.

Liu Linchun is half -united.

Back to Jinting Bank, Yiyi faces the north wind.

Plum blossoms: noble soul, strong, proud bone, elegance

December of December, tenacious, faith, rich imagination, dare to dare not fear failure.

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