Green Lock Dragon/Ruohu breeding method: good and easy to live and get rich at first sight?

In addition to getting rich trees, do you know what kind of fleshy is \"a fortune at first sight\"? It is a green lock dragon, also called Ruohuo. Its branches and leaves are always upward. The cross section is triangular. Its leaves are closely adjacent to each other. It's really no longer at all. See how to \"raise\" this green lock dragon.

Green Lock Dragon/Ruohu breeding method: good and easy to live and get rich at first sight?

The morphological characteristics of the blue lock dragon

Green lock dragon, also called Ruohu, Jingtian family green lock dragon, Gemini plant, perennial herbal book, perennial herbal book Essence The meat shrubs are 30 cm high, the stems are easy to branches, and the stems and branches are usually vertically upward. Leaf scales -like triangle. Native to Namibia.


Green lock dragon meat shrubs, 30 cm high, thin stems and branches, stems and branches are usually vertically upward.


The leaf scales of the green lock dragon are generally triangular, arranged into 4 edges on the stems and branches, which is very tight, so that people mistakenly think that only green 4 The stems and branches of the edges are not leaves, and the leaves are scattered when the light is insufficient.


The flowers of the green lock dragon were born in the leaf axillary, which is very small. Huang Baipang is a common succulent plant that is easy to cultivate and reproduce. However, the commercially available green lock dragon varieties are not pure, and one of them is also called green lock dragon in many places. In addition to the vertical and upward branches of the green branch, there are also horizontal illegal ones, and the leaves are scattered, sometimes 4 edges and no 4 edges.

According to the opinions of many foreign experts, the scientific name of Qinglonglong was changed to C.MUSCOSA. But there is no complete unification, and the old scientific name is temporarily used here.

The ecological habits of the blue lock dragon

The green lock dragon is warm and dry and the sun is sufficient. Afraid of low temperature and snow. Permanently. It is not strict with the soil, and it is better to add rough sand with peat soil. The temperature in winter is not less than 5 ° C.

The reproduction and cultivation of green lock dragons


Green lock dragon mainly uses cuttings to reproduce, which can be carried out throughout the year. Root blocks, high survival rates. Select more neat and scales-shaped leaves with tightly arranged branches, cut into 12-15 cm long, insert it at the sand pot, take about 20-25 days after insertion, and can be put on the pot when the root length is 2-3 cm.


Green locks of dragon potted soil with good drainage, loose and more fertile sandy loam soil. Watering 2-3 times a week per week. Water in the rainy season and high temperature season 1-2 times a week. Fertilize every 2 months. When the plant grows too high, we need to be tight and lower, and the branches that are too much or too tilted and dense should be cut. During the outdoor furnishings, avoid heavy rain, otherwise the rootThe ministry was damaged and the branches became yellow and rotten. Plants need to be renewed every 2-3 years.

The daily maintenance of the blue lock dragon

Potted green lock dragon usually does not need to water too much, keep the pot soil a little moist, try to pour in the soil when watering Water points will affect the beauty. Don't pour it to the flower core, it will rot the core. Apply a rotten thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer once a month. Put the indoor sunlight in winter, and can continue to be watered and fertilized above 10 ° C, so that the child's posture can grow normally. If the watering is restrained, keep the pot soil with a moderate drying, and it will also make the child with a low temperature of 3 to 5 ° C. 2 or 3 years of changing pots once can be carried out in spring or autumn. Potting soil is required to be loose and fertile and has good drainability. A mixed soil of rotten leaf soil, garden soil, two copies or frog stones can be used. And mixed with a small amount of bone powder, grass and gray as base fertilizer.

The disease prevention and treatment of green lock dragons

Green lock dragon mainly has brown spot disease and leaf spots. It is sprayed once a month with Bordeaux liquid (1: 1: 100).

Green locks have red spiders and scarcity insect harm. It can be sprayed with 50 {BF} 螟 螟 螟 1000 times liquid.

The garden of the green lock dragon

The variety of leafy -leaflets in the multi -pulp plant: cluster stems and leaves, four seasons green, shaped like stone pine. Blooming light green flowers in autumn, elegant and cute. Suitable for potted viewing, dotted with coffee tables, heads, and books.

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