What is the flower of horseshoe lotus, pure happiness, dark purple horseshoe lotus?

Horseshoe lotus is a representative of happiness and purity. In many European and American countries, they like to use horseshoe lotus. So, do you know what the flower of horseshoe lotus is? In fact, the horseshoe lotus language is also related to happiness, and the horseshoe lotus language of different colors is also different. The following Flower Words Xiaobian answers what is the flower language of the horseshoe lotus!

Horseshoe lotus language [ 123]

Horseshoe Lotus Flower: Happiness, purity, symbolizing \u0026 ldquo; Holy Dharma devout, fascinated by forever, auspicious Radquo;

What is the flower language of Horseshoe lotus? In fact, the flower of horseshoe lotus is pure happiness, so in Europe and the United States, horseshoe lotus is a commonly used flower for brides. The color is white, red, yellow, silver star, purple spots, etc. Generally speaking, white is called horseshoe lotus. We are called taro. Cut the flower life for 10-15 days. Fresh application mud seal the stem tube mouth, and cut the root of the flower stems at 0.5 cm in the water every day and seal it with mud.

Suitable and contraindication: suitable for the bride's bouquets, small and white varieties should be sent to young friends, do not send orange -red varieties to ordinary friends, do not send dual numbers.

What is the flower of horseshoe lotus, pure happiness, dark purple horseshoe lotus?

Various horseshoe lotus language

To understand what the flower of the horseshoe lotus is, we need to continue to understand the flower language of different colors of horseshoe lotus, every color The meaning of the representative is also different!

1. White horseshoe lotus language: Happiness/purity, loyalty, forever concentric

2, red horseshoe lotus language: purity, like

3, purple horseshoe Lotus Language: Respecting Holy

4, pink horseshoe lotus language: Love you for a lifetime

5, yellow horseshoe lotus language: respect

Everyone has understood what the flower language of the horseshoe lotus is. Let's take a look at the legend of the horseshoe. In fact, our so -called eternal love is from Hongyan to Bai Chou, from flowers to flowers

The legendary story of Horseshoe Lotus. In the legend, if you love her, take her to see the horseshoe lotus. Let your other half know your love, know your love until he dies, and tell her that your love is eternal. For details, click to view: The legendary story of Horseshoe Lotus!

The above is the all content of the flower language introduced by Xiaobian for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to you!

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