Thor\'s breeding method and precautions: cuttings division, do not wet?

Among the favorite succulent king families, there is a particularly mighty member named Thor, did you raise it? The thunder is also known as Angry Thor, belongs to the Department of Availability, and is a perennial herbaceous plants. It is an excellent indoor potted leaves.

Thor\'s breeding method and precautions: cuttings division, do not wet?

1. Features and growth habits

Thor's plants are short. The leaves are clustered, and the lotus seat is arranged. The leaf is an ovate-shaped shaped, 20-25 cm long, 9-11 cm wide, narrow at the base, thick, gray-white or light blue, leaf end and leaf margin with dark brown thorns, leaf margin with inverted sawtooth. Nopower. The strains around the plant are dipped in. The inflorescence is 3 meters high, the flower diameter is about 5 cm, yellow -green.

Strong adaptability, cold resistance, slightly shade, afraid of waterlogging. The growth temperature is 15-25 ° C, which requires deep and more fertile and well -drained sandy soil. Pleasant warm and dry environment. There is a certain resistance to negative.

2. Reproductive method

Thor uses cuttings or divisions. The base of the stem is easy to divide the young plants, and the young plants can be opened when the basin is changed in spring.

3. Cultivation management

Planting or changing pots in spring. Most of the potted plants are used to overwinter indoor. Potting soil requires loose and fertile. It can be mixed with mixed cultivation soil such as corruption soil, garden soil, and coarse sand. No need to change the pot frequently. When the root system in the soil is full of watering, the pots should be changed in time, and some old roots and dead roots should be cut off to facilitate growth.

It is not advisable to cultivate outdoors, and thunder is full and soft sunshine. Water should be properly controlled. Except for the particularly hot summer during the growth period, it needs to be shaded to avoid direct sunlight. It is generally placed in a sunny, warm, and dry environment. To keep the pot soil dry in winter, enter the room to the sun, and keep the temperature above 4 ° C.

4. Watering

The soil environment of the thunder god is dry and has a strong drought tolerance. During the growth period, the watering should be properly controlled. Root rot. But it should not be too drought, otherwise the plant will grow slowly or even stop; the leaves will become dim and lack of luster. Summer should be appropriately increased and sprayed more to the plant 7JC to keep the leaves green. During the winter dormant, watering should be controlled to keep the pot soil dry. Low -temperature and wetness of potting soil is not good for the safe overwintering of the plants.

5. Fertilization

Thunder God is resistant to barren. Due to the large amount of growth, there are not many requirements for fertilizer. The fertilizer of combining nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium once a month to make the plant grow strong, and make the reddish -brown acupuncture and beautiful marks more vivid. Fat is easy to hurt the root). After the autumn, the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is applied 1 to 2 times after the autumn, and the application is stoppedNitrogen fertilizer can benefit the safe and wintering of plants. Stop fertilizing when dormant in winter.

6. Pruning

Most succulent pruning is relatively simple. The same is true for Thor. When the old leaves at the base wither, cut it in time.

7. Basin

Due to slow growth, Thor does not need to change the pot often. Only when the rhizomes grow more divided, the pot is needed. Generally, the pot is turned over 2 to 3 years. Turn the pot should be performed in spring or early summer. When turning the pot, cut off some old roots and rotten roots, keep the new roots of white, and replace it with new soil. The fertile fertile and loose and drainage, the sandy loam with good drainage, and an appropriate amount of limesty, can be prepared with materials such as corrupt leaf soil, garden soil, and coarse sand, and add an appropriate amount of lime or lime materials such as bone powder or shell powder. For the precious princess Ray Shenjin and other varieties, it is best to use the thick jade soil (a kind of planting soil native to Japan).

8. Prevention and treatment of pests and insect pests

Thunder God has pests such as leaf spots, anthracnose, gray mold, and paulse insects, and medium. Sometimes leaf spots are harmful, and Bordeaux liquid (1: 1: 100) can be sprayed multiple prevention. Pests are harmful to garaphs and medium. It can be sprayed and killed with 40 {BF 氧 oxidation music oil 1500 times.

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