Flower growth conditions: Five aspects, each aspect is important. What fertilizers can make flowers grow quickly?

Flower growth conditions include five aspects: temperature, light, fertilization, watering and soil.

1. Temperature (flower growth condition)

Flower growth conditions: Five aspects, each aspect is important. What fertilizers can make flowers grow quickly? Each flower has its own most suitable growth temperature, the highest growth and development temperature of growth and development, and the minimum temperature of growth and development, exceeding the light range of this temperature light, light range light range Those who will cause flowers to be harmed, and severe cases will cause death.

According to the different adaptability of the flower to temperature, we divide the flowers into three categories as follows.

Cold-resistant flowers: Cold-resistant flowers refer to flowers that are originally produced in temperate and cold bands, which are generally resistant to temperature below 0 ° C. Some of them can tolerate low temperatures from -10 ° C to -5 ° C, such as spring, plum blossoms, hemerocallis, etc. Flowers can be cultivated in open fields in North China and Northeast.

2. Half -cold flowers: Most of these flowers are native to a warm place, and cold resistance is between cold -resistant flowers and cold flowers. If it is cultivated in northern my country, it should be cold in winter to get overwinter, and it can be safely exposed in the Yangtze River Basin, such as chrysanthemums, green, pomegranates, etc.

3. Infinitive flowers: The cold -resistant flowers are native to tropical and subtropical, and cannot tolerate temperature below 0 ° C. Some of them can even endure temperatures of about 5 ° C. Tail Aoi, Brazilian wood, Da Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis, Yipinhong and so on.

2. Light (Flower Growth Condition)

Flower growth conditions: Five aspects, each aspect is important. What fertilizers can make flowers grow quickly? Lighting is the energy source used by flowers to make nutrients, which plays an important role in the growth of flowers. Different types of flowers come from different geographical latitudes and altitude, so the requirements for light strength are very different. According to the different requirements of flowers on the intensity of light, the flowers can be divided into three categories as follows.

Negative flowers : negative flowers are suitable for flowers that grow under insufficient light or scattered light conditions, such as ferns, Tiannan Star Flowers, etc.

2. Neutral flowers: Neutral flowers refer to flowers that grow best under sufficient light, but flowers that do not grow when they are slightly shade, such as osmanthus, jasmine, white orchids, eight immortals, etc.

3. Positive flowers: Positive flowers can grow and develop and bloom under sufficient light conditions, and can grow strong under strong light. Most of the flowers, fruits and flowers, and aquatic flowers are positive flowers.

3. Fertilization (flower growth condition)

Flower growth conditions: Five aspects, each aspect is important. What fertilizers can make flowers grow quickly? The main nutritional elements required for the normal growth and development , Iron, etc. Hydrogen and oxygen can be absorbed from water, carbon is obtained from the air, and the remaining elements are supplemented from soil or cultivation substrate.In addition to the above -mentioned main elements, trace Yuanzhai, such as boron, manganese, zinc, copper, etc. to meet the needs of flowers growth. Nitrogen can promote flower growth, making flowers huge and full of seeds. For leaf flowers, the entire life cycle has higher demand for nitrogen, and nitrogen can maintain thick leaves and hypertrophy. For flowers and flowers, the supply of nitrogen must be controlled during reproductive stages.

A moderate amount of phosphorus in the flower seedling period, more phosphorus after flowering, phosphorus has the effect of promoting seed germination, bill of lading flowering, and also has its tough stems, developed root systems, and enhanced flowers. The role of resistance and adverse environmental resistance.

Potassium can make flowers strong, strengthen the toughness of the stems, and enhance photosynthetic effects. Especially when the sunlight is insufficient in winter, potassium fertilizers can enhance the photosynthesis, promote the growth of moving the system, make the colors bright, and improve the ability of flowers to disturb and disease and insect pests.

In the actual flowering process, one or several elements can be purchased as the main fertilizer as needed. Novices can buy special flower fertilizers from the flower market, which is convenient and hygienic.

Fourth, watering (flower growth condition)

Flower growth conditions: Five aspects, each aspect is important. What fertilizers can make flowers grow quickly? Water is an indispensable condition for plant growth. Flowers must save appropriate air humidity and soil humidity conditions to grow normally to grow normally Essence According to the different demand for water, the flowers can be divided into the following 5 categories.

Aquatic flowers: Such as lotus, water lilies, phoenix lotus, etc., such flowers need to live in the water.

2. Wet flowers: For example, watching fern, turtle -back bamboo, horseshoe lotus, tiger ear grass, shoine, etc., this type of flower is weak and requires higher soil temperature and air humidity. Therefore The principle of wet and not dry.

3. Middle flowers: For example, most flowers belong to this type. Such flowers are not consistent with water, some are neutral, and some are neutral and humid. Therefore, the principle of seeing dry and wet should be mastered in water management.

4. Dry -resistant flowers: Such as mountain tea, rhododendrons, plums, geranium, etc. This kind of flower leaves are leather or waxy, or the leaves have a large amount of hairs, or branches and leaves are needle or sliced. In terms of water supply, it should be grasped to dry the principle of drying through, that is, when all the surface layers of the pot soil are dry, they should be watered, and they must be poured (wet the soil up and down).

Such as cactus such as fairy balls, tiger -tailed orchids, agave, stone lotus, pearl palm, aloe vera, twelve rolls, and polysemination and succulent flowers. This kind of flower has strong drought resistance and can endure long -term air and long -term air and The soil is dry and lives. Some of them degenerate into thorns, while others can store a lot of water. Watering should master the principles of Ning Gan and not wet.

Five, soil (flower growth condition)

Flower growth conditions: Five aspects, each aspect is important. What fertilizers can make flowers grow quickly? Shiyang is the substrate of flowers growth, which is very important to the growth of flowers. Novices can go to the flower market to buy disinfected bags and cultivate soil. The flower market also provides various formula and cultivation substrates, which is very convenient.

The common soil for breeding flowers is as follows:

Sand soil: It contains less mucous particles and good drainage. It is used for sowing and cuttings, and is also used to prepare the cultivation soil.

Garden soil: Rich humus, easy plate knot, poor ventilation and water transparency, cannot be used alone.

Erotic soil: Rich humus, good ventilation, smooth water permeability, and maintain good fertility, which can be used to improve soil properties.

Peat soil: Black or dark brown, water permeability and water retention are good, containing humus, often used as auxiliary materials for cultivating soil.

Pottery grains: White or light brown, good drainage and breathability, often spread on the bottom of the pot for drainage layer.

Plane: Use additives to make the soil loose and breathable water.

Verfliles: Light quality, insulation, heat insulation, and water preservation, containing many trace elements, generally used as auxiliary materials.

Sawn: Loose and breathable, drainage and hydrophobicness and fertilizer, can also decompose organic acids, improve alkaline soil.

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