What are the flowers of roses, all colors of roses, what is the flower language of roses in English?

Roses have always been a bouquet that symbolizes love. Between small couples, roses will be sent to each other. So, what do you know about the flower language of roses? Come and answer the flower language of roses!

The flower language of roses: brave love

What are the flowers of roses, all colors of roses, what is the flower language of roses in English? Various roses Flower Language

Red Rose language: enthusiasm, love you, I love you, love, and hope to have passionate love with you.

Blue Rose language: Miracle and impossible things, I hope you are happy.

Pink rose language: Declaration of moving, love, remembering to heart, first love, and like your bright smile.

The flower language of white roses: innocence, purity, respect, humility.

Yellow Rose Language Language: Not virginity, jealousy, joy, joy, apology. For friendship, Yellow Rose represents pure friendship and beautiful blessings. For love, yellow roses are ominous, because it represents jealousy and disappearance of love, even an expression of jealousy. In Japan, Yellow Rose is a representative of the representative of the breakup, and the love rejected.

Purple roses' flower language: melancholy. Dream, dream of dreaming.

The flower language of orange roses: shyness, dedicated to you a mysterious love; a youthful and first love mood.

Black rose language: noble, mysterious you are my goddess; you are the devil, and for me.

The flower language of green roses: innocence and simple, youthful stay, I only fell in love with you.

Blue Demon Ji's Flower: Meeting you is a miracle

Rose holding flowers: Happiness love.

Flower language of roses: beauty and youth.

Flower language of Xiangbin Rose: Dream.

Orange rose language: desire.

Rose (red+white): Together.

Rose (red+yellow): Happy.

The above is the different colors of roses introduced by Xiaobian. Let ’s take a look at what is different roses!

Different number of roses What are the flowers of roses, all colors of roses, what is the flower language of roses in English?

1: You are my only

2: Only you and me in the world

3 flowers: I love you

4: Oath, commitment

5: No regrets

6 flowers: smooth

7 flowers: joy meets

8 flowers: make up

9 flowers: , Fight

10 flowers: Ten Quan Shimei

11 flowers: Love

12: All love

13: Secret Love



123] 14: Pride

15: The person who keeps you

16 flowers: a sail to wedding

17 flowers: accompanied by your life

18 flowers : Youth Beauty

19 flowers: the highest point of love

20 flowers: two love love

21 flowers: favorite

22: double -pair For

24 flowers: miss, pure love

30 flowers: Please accept my love

33: Three Lives III

36: My love is only left for you

40: Love that is vowed to death

48: Love

50 flowers: no regret love

51 flowers: I only have you in my heart

66: My love will never change

99 flowers: Longevity is long

100 flowers: white head old

101 flowers : Until forever love

108: Proposal

111: Love you for a lifetime

365: Love you every day

999 Love

1001: Until forever

The above is the rose language that Xiaobian has summarized for everyone. Now everyone has a certain understanding of the roses' flower language! I hope this article is right You are helpful!

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