Winter wintering skills of hydroponic plants: suitable light, cleaning and temperature increase,

Hydroponic plants are welcomed by the vast number of people who love flowers because of their good cultivation, easy living, and aesthetic. It is enviable, you need to spend some thoughts, so what are the main points of hydroponic plants in winter?

Winter wintering skills of hydroponic plants: suitable light, cleaning and temperature increase,

1 Selection: Hydroponic plants with strong cold resistance

You need to choose some suitable cold -resistant hydroponic plants. Flowers with strong cold resistance and cold prevention of winter are aloe, drumped orchids, umbrella grass, pocket coconut, brown bamboo, narcissus, etc.

When buying hydroponic plants, you must choose the spirit of the branches and leaves. The leaves are full and shiny, and the pests are strong and disease -free. Such plants can be adapted quickly even if they change a slightly weaker new environment.

2 Lighting: Put as much as possible in the sun during the day

Most people raise hydroponic plants because they do not need to take care of them. Regardless of asking. No matter what kind of plants, no matter how \"splash\", the sun is required.

Specific method: During the day, you should be placed in a position where the sun is sufficient or scattered in the light, such as the south of the room or the window, and you should accept the sunlight as much as possible (if you are in tropical Dansing).

While fully giving the hydroponic plant sunlight, the flower farmers should also pay attention not to place them at the window leakage to prevent the cold wind from frozen.

Tips: Hydroponic

The most suitable temperature for things is 10 degrees Celsius. If the indoor temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius at night, the flower must be used to keep the flower warm and moisturize with a thicker transparent plastic bag. 2-3 small holes should be opened on the plastic bag to breathe.

3 water fertilizer: change water and fertilizer once every 10-15 days

Because the temperature in winter is low, although hydroponic plants are growing, there are very few water fertilizers, so in water and fertilizer in water and fertilizer In terms of control, we must grasp a certain scale. In winter, just change water once every 10-15 days.

Specific method: After placing fresh tap water for half a day, add the concentrated nutrient solution in proportion. Generally, you can use the hydroponic nutrient solution sold on the market. According to the instructions, the appropriate concentration is matched.

Change the water to ensure the oxygen supply in the water. Fresh water contains more oxygen, and the plants will grow healthier. If the water is not changed for a long time, the water in the bottle is not fresh or deteriorated. It will affect the growth of hydroponic plants. In severe cases, it will also cause it to die.

Tips: When changing the water, please expose half or one -third of the plant's roots when changing water, \"Let the plants breathe freely.\"

4 Clean Cut off the rotten roots

Change each timeWhen water, rinse the roots and containers of the plant with water to trim dead branches and rotten roots. In the case of normal growth of hydroponic plants, a part of the roots will be rotten at intervals, and new roots will be reappeared. Therefore, when you find that rotten roots are found, people raising people should not worry or ignore it. You need to deal with it.

Specific method: trim the rotten roots with a scissors with alcohol cotton. Sometimes in order to promote the growth of new roots, some old roots can also be trimmed. Throughout the process, be careful not to hurt the roots of the aquatic, otherwise it will affect the growth of plants.

(The so -called aquatic roots, some white and tender roots in the plant root of the plant are. Some grow directly from the stem base, and some grow from the main root. They are responsible for the absorption function of the plants. Do not hurt them.)

5 Humidify: Spray with water close to room temperature

Hydroponic plants are mostly green blades. If the air is dry, the leaves will get yellow and have no gloss. The winter climate is dry, especially the air -conditioned room, the flowers leaves will be dry or coke. In winter, spraying branches and leaves should be often used to increase the humidity of the air.

Specific method: Spray the kettle with fine pores, spray the front and back of the blade, which can make the leaves bright and bright, and make the leaves thicker and increase the value of ornamental.

6 container: Appropriate caliber is important to plants

A container with a certain volume can be used for roots, and the bottle mouth open glass container, for maintaining water quality and root growth More favorable. The leaves should be avoided in the water when planting to avoid rotting.

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