Plant lack of fertilizer symptoms and corresponding flower fertilizer method: thin fertilizer, plant fertilizer symptoms?

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Plant lack of fertilizer symptoms and corresponding flower fertilizer method: thin fertilizer, plant fertilizer symptoms?

1. Nitrogen deficiency.

The growth is blocked, the leaves are small and light, and the leaves are sparse and easy to fall, which affects photosynthesis. Therefore, poor growth, small plants, few branches and less results.

Nitrogen -making fertilizer: Peanut rice, bean or bean cakes, rapeseed cakes, sauce residue and other peanuts that cannot be eaten by deterioration are stored in the altar and stored water. Then use its fertilizer to mix water. In addition, the remaining soy milk is also good after fermentation. Generally, 2-3 days of fermentation in summer, spring and autumn can be extended for about 10 days. It is used for topdressing in the early stage of flowers and trees, which can make the branches lush. Be careful not to pour flowers with unblied soy milk. Otherwise, the soil will be knotted, causing the soil to be hypoxic and the root system is difficult to breathe, which will affect the normal growth of flowers and trees.

2. Phosphorus lack of phosphorus.

The growth of phosphorus -deficient plants is suppressed. The plants are short, the leaves become dark green, the gray color is not gloss, and it has purple colored spots.

Phosphorus fertilizer: Pour eggshells, horns, trotters, bones, fish intestines, poultry feces, etc. When the water is black, it can be mixed with water. This is a phosphorus fertilizer with excellent fertility. It is often used to make the colorful color and huge fruits. It should be noted that some people have the habit of buckling eggshells on the flower pot. This will not only play the role of fertilization, but also cause soil boards and attract flies to raw maggots and damage the root system. The egg shell should be soaked in a few days of fermentation for a few days before topdressing.

3. Potassium deficiency.

Brown spots appear in the leaves, abnormal wrinkles occur, the leaf margin curls, and finally scorched, it looks like a fire.

Potassium -made fertilizer: Plant ash, fermented rice water, deterioration milk, etc. are rich in potassium. The role of potassium fertilizers is to make the stems of the flower and trees thick and the branches stand upright. When using the ash, sprinkle the gray first on the surface of the flower base, and then sprinkle some water slightly.

4. Calcium deficiency.

The root growth of calcium -deficient plants is suppressed, the root system is many and short, the cell wall is viscosity, and the root tip cells are damaged to rot.

Calcium fertilizer:

1) Eggshell calcium fertilizer: soak the egg shell with rice vinegar or vinegar. Put 6-7 eggshells in 1,000Soak in gram vinegar for 2 days, mix the water at the time of use, and dilute 1000 times.

2) Lime Calcium Fertilizer: 20-25 grams formed after watering in the lime is padded in 1 liter water until the lime precipitate. Then add 100 grams of rice wine in lime water, 50 grams of liquor, and 20 kg of water to spray the area of \u200b\u200b1,000 square meters.

5. Magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium deficiency of plants can cause green, yellowing and albinism. Magnesium -deficient flowers often have green from the lower leaves of the plant, yellowing appears, and gradually spreads to the upper leaves. At the beginning, the veins were kept green, the back veins became yellow, and the lower leaves of the lower part became brown until they died.

Magnesium Make Mags: For details, see 10

Plant lack of fertilizer symptoms and corresponding flower fertilizer method: thin fertilizer, plant fertilizer symptoms?

6. Iron deficiency.

The upper part of the branches of the branches during iron deficiency is damaged, and the old leaves of the lower part are still green. When the iron deficiency is slightly lack of iron, the flower leaves are pale green, the veins are kept green. In severe cases And gradually dried off.

Iron and fertilizer: For details, see point 10th

7. Manga deficiency.

When the flowers lack of manganese, the leaves turn pale and have some gray, and then the brown spots are found at the tip of the leaves, and gradually spread to other parts of the leaves. Finally Essence

Mangated fertilizer: For details, see point 10th

8. Zinc deficiency.

The growth of the flowers in the flower is damaged, and the growth of the plant is inhibited and the disease occurs. Good zinc nutrition can enhance the resistance of plants to fungal diseases.

Zinc -made fertilizer: For details, see point 10

9. Sulfur deficiency.

Causes green disease, yellow flowers, but the leaf meat tissue is still green, which can be different from the symptoms of magnesium deficiency and iron deficiency. Red spots appear from the base of the leaves. Usually, the leaves of the flower plant are damaged early, the leaves are thick, the branches are thin and lonely.

Sulfur making fertilizer: For details, see point 10

10. Lack of trace elements.

The growth and development of flowers requires large demand for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, and has less demand for iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, selenium, molybdenum. However, the lack of trace elements will also be inappropriate for the growth and development of flowers. Therefore, the micro -fertilizer should be appropriately applied to ensure that the flowers are often open.

Make microfer and fertilizer: Take 5kg of human urine, put it in porcelain vessels, smash the battery 1 to 1 of Section 1 to the paper, add 25- 30g of black alum, seal the outdoor to ferment for about 40 days, mix water and pour water. This fertilizer contains a variety of trace elements such as zinc, manganese, and iron, and is applied to various flowers.

Finally, remind everyone to pay attention to the homemade flowers of the familyWhen fertilizing, follow the principle of \" thin fertilizer \". appropriately dilute and appropriately apply, avoid excessive application .When making fertilizer, it is necessary to wait until the floating fertilizer water is completely rotten and turns black before pouring water to mix water.

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