Frequent Flower Flower Flower: Flower knowledge, knowledge,

Plant House is committed to creating a professional plant -knowledge communication platform to provide comprehensive plant knowledge for every flower breeding. Our \"Plant House\" official WeChat background will receive questions from netizens from all over the country every day. Today, let's take a look at the 5 questions and related answers raised in the background high frequency.

Frequent Flower Flower Flower: Flower knowledge, knowledge,

1. How to deal with the flowering ball after flowering?

The hydroponic narcissus consumes the nutrition of the ball to maintain the flowers. After the flowers are boiled, the nutrition of its own has basically consumed. Generally speaking, it cannot bloom anymore. It is abandoned.

If you want to bloom in the next year, you can try to put the daffodils with soil potted. During the growth period, the supply of fertilizer and water can be appreciated by flowers. After the roots are dormant in the second year, they can also get the female ball and child ball with flower buds. After water or soil planting, it can be blossomed.

2. Do you want to soak the ball during hydroponic hydroponics?

When the hydroponic wind is faithful, there must be a space of 1-2 cm from the stem from the water surface. Do not soak the water without the bottom of the ball. This step is very important. Unable to breathe, causing the ball to rot directly.

After the newly bought balls are placed in a hydroponic bottle, placed in a dark place, and covered the bottle with black cloth to promote the development of the root system. The south -facing window sill with sufficient scattered light.

3. How to deal with lily stem rot?

Its symptoms are rotten plants, growing slowly, the leaves are pale green, brown lesions appear in the bulbs, and the bulbs and plants are rotten and dry. The base of the base becomes yellow, and the yellow leaves gradually become brown and fall off. This disease is spread by soil.

To govern, soil disinfection needs to be performed before planting, and the bulbs should also be disinfected; during summer cultivation, try to reduce the soil temperature before planting. Form the lys of the bulbs as soon as possible, and the temperature of the soil should be as low as possible; moderate and severe infection bulbs should be isolated and destroyed to prevent pollution for soil.

4. How to maintain bougainvillea in winter?

Delta Meixi is high temperature, cold, and resistant to the sun. It has little requirements for water. There are many reasons for the death of breeze plums in winter, but most of them are due to low room temperature and wet pot soil.

If you are ready to let the Delta plum dormant in winter, you can put it in an environment of 10-15 ° C and pour water every 10 days to strictly control the fertilizer water.

If you want to make the Delta plums continue to bloom in winter, put it away from the ground in a sunshine, because the temperature in the pot is too low, which will affect the absorption of nutrition in the triangle Meghan. The pot soil is semi -dry and half wet. Let the Delta plum as much as possible during the day, the sun plum, this pair of BougainvilleaDifferentiating and promoting flower coloring are particularly important, and the flowering period can be extended. Do not place it in a place with poor light when blooming in the bougainvillea, otherwise the bougainvillea will fall into light in a few days. Do not use tap water to pour flowers directly to prevent the temperature difference and damage the root system. If the night room temperature is too low, you can move it into the bedroom to ease the larger temperature difference between day and night.

5. How to cut a longevity flower?

Longevity flower cuttings can use stem decomposition or leaf insertion.

Stems insertion. This method is more convenient and fast. When the stem is inserted, cut the top buds of the healthy plant, about 5 to 6 cm in length. After the wound heals, insert the cultivation soil, keep the soil moist, and get root after about 2 weeks to start fertilizing.

Leaf insertion. Choose a healthy and hypertrophic leaves and cut it, put the cutting blades in a cool place for about half an hour and wait for the wound to dry and heal it, then insert it in or flat on the breathable sand, keep the sand from half humid, do not be too wet, otherwise it will be easy to rot. When the air is dry or cold, it can be wrapped in moisturizing and insulation, placed in a soft sunlight and ventilation. It can take root within one month and bud in four months.

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