Wiring rose leaves?

The rose leaves of the mountain may be caused by improper watering, and water control should be performed; or due to the heat of the weather, it enters the dormant state; And the best of light is maintained; or due to excessive fertilization, the rotten part should be cut off to replace the potting soil maintenance.

The reasons for the wrinkles of rose leaves in the mountains

1. Improper watering

Wiring rose leaves?

Many people are planting mountains. When roses, the rose leaves of the mountains become wrinkled, which may be caused by improper watering. It should be controlled by water in time. If the water is too much, it will cause the roots to be waterlogged and wrinkle the leaves. It will easily cause rotten leaves.

2. Dormation performance

Wiring rose leaves?

may be because it enters the dormant period, mountain roses are not heat -resistant, in the environment of the environment, in the environment of the environment, in the environment, in the environment When the temperature reaches above 30 ° C, it will enter the dormant period. Wrap all the leaves and the leaves will become dry. This is normal. When the temperature drops in autumn, its leaves will return to full again to full. The tender green looks.

3. Environmental discomfort

Wiring rose leaves?

If the mountain roses are placed in a humid environment to maintain it, it will also cause it to grow due to growth Environmental discomfort and wrinkles become wrinkled. The correct way should be to place it in a good ventilation and light. The lighting time is kept at least six hours a day, which can make the leaves tightly green and have good ornamental.

4. Excessive fertilization

Wiring rose leaves?

Mountain roses have not demand for fertilizer Sprinkle fertilizer to supplement growth nutrients. Do not use raw or thick fertilizer for pouring directly, which can easily lead to burns and rotten the rhizomes of mountain roses. Pot soil is well maintained.

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