Analysis and processing method of the reasons for rotten roots of aquatic plants.

In the process of growth, hydroponic plants will encounter a series of problems such as lack of nutrition and hypoxia, which causes plants to cause malnutrition, yellow leaves, reduced quality, and even rotten roots. Especially in the summer, it is a season that is often caused by the rotten roots of hydroponic plants. Everyone understands the reasons for the rotten roots of plants and has a corresponding solution to the countermeasures.

Analysis and processing method of the reasons for rotten roots of aquatic plants.

How to determine whether the hydroponic plant is rotten

1. Seeing the root of the plant, if you find that the roots have become yellow, black, soft, light with your hands, light hand with your hands, and light hand with your hands. At the right place, the epidermis is very easy to tear, and only the part of the wood is left, indicating that the plant is already rotten.

2. The nose smells the root of the plant.

3. The taste of the water of the hydroponic plant in the nose, if the water smells odor, indicates that the root of the plant may also rot and deteriorate.

Analysis of the cause of rotten roots of hydroponic plants:

1. The dissolved oxygen content in the nutrient solution of hydroponic is low, causing the root system to die due to hypoxia. This situation is relatively obvious in summer. At this time you can increase the number and time of the pump. To improve the content of dissolved oxygen in nutrient solution.

2. The nutrient solution drowned all the root system and even the rhizome. This is also where people are easily ignored in family -free cultivation. Generally, the best cultivation is to leave half of the root in the nutrient solution, and the other half is exposed to the air. This can greatly increase the oxygen supply of plants, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of rotten roots.

3. Check the water quality of nutrient solution. Water quality has residual plant fragments or residual matrix, nutritional sedimentation, etc., causing water quality to deteriorate. If the water quality is found to be turbid or smelly, it should be replaced in time to ensure the normal growth of the plant.

4. In the planting process, the supply of nutrients can be appropriately reduced, because the water quality in different regions is different. In areas with hard water quality, precipitation is prone to occur when configuring nutrient solution. If the water quality in your area is harder, you can choose to use 1/2 or 1/4 of the normal dose to configure the nutrient solution.

5. The acid and baseness of water is too large. In general, a mature formula adds or replaces nutrients within the specified time. PH changes will not change much. However, users are still better to prepare a pH test paper. You can monitor regularly to achieve your mind. The adaptation range of most plants is between pH5 --- 7. Except for special plants.

6. Temperature. A large temperature here refers to the temperature of the nutrient solution. Because high temperatures can cause aging of the root system of plants. Therefore, the maximum temperature of the nutrients should not be maintained in an environment of more than 30 degrees for a long time. This is a big factor in summer. The general solution is to avoid direct sunlight storage boxes. Add shading if necessary.

Real hydroponic plants are difficult to rotten, commonly known as \"lazy plants\", you can raise well without carefully managing.

Many people bought \"hydroponic plants\" in the flower market, 80 {BF} are fake hydroponic plants, in fact, they are washed the soil plants to clean the roots. Sell \u200b\u200binside.

The real hydroponic plant is to go through a series of processes such as root washing, disinfection, and domestication. It takes about a month. Therefore, the real hydroponic plant is much higher than the soil plant, but the real hydroponic plants will not easily rotten the roots.

Therefore, if the hydroponic plants bought at the price of soil cultures, 100 {BF} are fake. Fake hydroponic plants, improper maintenance, especially novice, naturally it is easy to die.

When a novice has hydroponic plants, start with hydroponic green or hydroponic spinning orchids.

Method of rotting the roots of hydroponic plants

1. Cut the rotten part as soon as possible after discovering the rotten roots, and then put in a bacterial or methyltotobadin (broad -spectrum (broad -spectrum. High -efficiency and low toxic internal absorbent sterilizer has the effects of internal suction, prevention, protection and treatment. The flower market is sold, a few dollars and a pack) for disinfection, which can be placed in the water in the water for one day. Replace new tap water.

2. After the plant rotten roots, just use water to raise it. When the plant adapts to the environment, the nutrient solution is added after growing the new roots.

Precautions for hydroponic plants

In order to solve the rotten root of hydroponic plants, the water temperature needs to be controlled within the range of 18-28 degrees Celsius, which is more suitable for the growth of plants. In an environment without refrigeration measures, the container of hydroponic plants can be increased, or it can be placed in a cool place to achieve cooling. In addition, it can speed up oxygen circulation and take oxygen measures to solve this problem. For bacteria in the water, a certain concentration of hydrogen peroxide can be added to the solution, or sterilization is performed through oxygen and ultraviolet radiation, which is an effective method to prevent bacteria from rotten roots.

In general, in order to prevent rotten roots, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient oxygen supply in the nutrient solution and maintain the appropriate temperature of plant growth. After mastering the above method, I believe that everyone will be able to maintain the hydroponic plants in the home and maintain their good growth trends. In this way, the cultivated hydroponic plants can not only decorate the indoor style, but also purify the air, which is conducive to a healthy home life.

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