How to make perfume grass leaves flushed with flowers?

How to make perfume grass leaves flushed with flowers?

The main points of maintenance of the fragrance of perfume and grass flowers with full aroma:

① top. In the seedling period, it is necessary to get topped in time to promote its divisions. After the flowers, the residual flower branches should be cut off in time to strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, so as to help germinate new branches and make flowers endless.

② Watering. Spring and autumn are the period of strong perfume grass growth. It should be kept moist and wet, and do not be too wet or dry. Too too much will cause the plant to grow slowly, the leaves are yellow and are susceptible to the harm of the scale insects; the soil is too damp, which is susceptible to diseases and rotten roots, and causes the leaves to fall off.

③ Fertilization. During the growth period, thin liquid fertilizer is applied once a week to promote lush branches and leaves, and to apply fast -acting phosphorus and potassium fertilizers during pregnancy. When high temperature and low temperature, fertilization should be stopped.

④ temperature. The growth temperature of the perfume is 15 ℃ -25 ℃. In the hot summer, you should take cooling measures and place it in a cool and ventilated place. Do not allow the strong light to avoid burning the leaves. In winter, you must enter the greenhouse or room, and the temperature is kept above 12 ° C before it can continue to grow. It is necessary to place in the sun during the growth period, which is conducive to growth and flowering.

⑤ Update. Perfume plants are prone to aging. After 2-3 years of cultivation, they must be abandoned, and new seedlings should be cultivated again. Otherwise, the lower leaves of the plant will fall off, the flowering parts will continue to move up, and the plant type will be full, which will affect the ornamental effect.

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