What should I pay attention to when planting Feiyancao?

What should I pay attention to when planting Feiyancao?

Planting Feiyan Cao needs to pay attention:

① Seeding time.Spring or autumn can be sowed. If sowing in autumn, it must be carried out in mid -September.

② Conservation.After sowing, the soil must be kept moist. The easiest way is to cover some grass. After the seedlings come out of the seedlings, the coverage is gradually removed.

③ Transplantation.When Feiyan grows 2 true leaves, it is transplanted in a small basin with soil, and when the seedlings grow up, change the pot again.

④ Watering.Watering should be dried and wet, and water should be properly poured during the flowering period to avoid excessive dryness of the soil.

⑤ Fertilization.Dry feces are applied for base fertilizer when changing pots. In the future, according to growth, apply 1-3 rotten cake fertilizer water per month.

⑥ control high.After the pot is changed, the height of the plant is controlled by polyzole. The specific method is: 0.5 {{BF} polytanazole is applied every 2 weeks.

⑦ Seed.Seeds should be timely to avoid cracking fruits after maturity.

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