How to make the moon blossom more?

How to make the moon blossom more?

The month of seeing strong grass, sufficient sunshine, drought resistance and waterlogging, and grow well in loose and fertile and well -drained sandy loam soil.It can be sowed in spring and autumn, but the quality of the flowers is better.After sowing the seedlings, transplant it once when 2-3 real leaves are growing, and the plant is planted when it grows to 4-5 real leaves.The main roots of the grass in the moon are more developed. Generally, you can get topped after surviving, which can make it more branches and bloom.After the flowers, cut off the residual flowers in time, reduce nutrient consumption, and bloom again with profit.During the fertility period, about every 20 days, the thin cake fertilizer water is applied, and the soil is moist to bloom immediately.Family potted moon seeing grass can directly sow the seeds in the pot and keep the pot soil moist. After the seedlings come out, each pot is only left with L plant strong seedlings, and the rest are removed.The growth period should be placed in the sunlight feet, and the liquid fertilizer should be applied once in 7-10 days, which can promote strong growth and flowering.

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