How to cultivate the moon?

How to cultivate the moon?

Pay attention to the following points:

① Transplantation.After planting seedlings, transplantation is performed once, and when the leaf grows to 4-5 pieces, planting is planted.

② topping branches.After the grass is planted, it will be tied to one time after being living, which prompts its branches and plants to dwarf, and blooms more.

③ Fertilizer and water management.During the growth period, apply liquid fertilizer 1-2 times a month.The growth period is mainly nitrogen fertilizer, and the budding period is mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.Watering mastery is found in the principle of watering.After each fertilization and watering, weeding should be performed in time to facilitate the protection and ventilation, which prompts the plant to grow strong.

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