Can Sakura Clampings be cultivated on the balcony?

Can Sakura Clampings be cultivated on the balcony?

Sakura can be cultivated on the balcony.The four seasons of cherry blossoms belong to the family of spring flowers, and it is not difficult to cultivate on the south.Sowing from July to September should be broadcast.Because the seeds are small, you need to mix 2/3 of the sand, and then spread it.After the seedlings are removed, the coverage is removed, and then the first planting (commonly known as the seedlings) can be performed. It can be planted in the soft container.centimeter).Pot soil is mixed with garden soil, fine sand, and puffed chicken manure (2: 1: 1) plus 1 {BF} compound fertilizer.Water after planting and settle in the cool place.In early October, it can be gradually moved to a large number of lights on the balcony. It is placed in a closed balcony in winter and can be blossomed around the Spring Festival.The four seasons of cherry blossoms are warm and humid climate. It is best to not be less than 8 ° C at night and not higher than 25 ° C during the day.The best temperature growth is between 15-20 ° C.If the temperature at night is higher than the sun temperature (that is, the reverse temperature difference), it will often produce a long and delayed flowering.

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