How to maintain and trim chrysanthemums in winter: Leave the roots and save buds, trim and stay, how to maintain the mage in winter?

Chrysanthemums, one of the four gentlemen in the flowers, can be divided into summer chrysanthemum, autumn chrysanthemum, and winter chrysanthemum according to the flowering period. In the early winter, autumn chrysanthemums and winter chrysanthemums will be opened one after another. After the flowering period, the chrysanthemums will flourish again in the coming year, which has become the top priority of our loved chrysanthemum.

How to maintain and trim chrysanthemums in winter: Leave the roots and save buds, trim and stay, how to maintain the mage in winter?

The maintenance of chrysanthemums

Potted chrysanthemum overwinter maintenance: one is to leave roots, the other is to save buds, and the third is bloom. If you leave the roots and overwinter, cut the old books after flowering, clean up the soil surface, pour the water once, and place it in a cold room with a sunlight. It is advisable to be about 0 ° C. Pot soil keeps slightly moisture, and it should not be wet for a long time. In mid -March in the coming spring, moved to the outdoor -to -winding place for a period of time. It can be breeded in the divisions, and can be planted in the original basin or ground to prepare cuttings to reproduce.

In the winter, the first generation of 2 cm high in the rhizomes was selected in the late autumn and winter. The depth of the soil is based on the original location, and then placed in a sunny room. The room temperature is kept about 3 ° C.

Moved to the outdoors in mid -March in the coming spring, and first exercised for 1 week of avoidance to the sun, you can plant it in a basin or down the ground. At the time of winter, the conditions can be opened at the sun, and the sun (cold bed) is opened at the sun, and the old roots are saved with the old root or the pot. The pot can also be placed in the winter of the yang. In winter, the film is covered with a thin film to prevent the left and so on, and the soil is slightly tide. Pay attention to ventilation when the weather is heated. In April, you can move out of the yang.

How to maintain and trim chrysanthemums in winter: Leave the roots and save buds, trim and stay, how to maintain the mage in winter?

In winter, you must choose the late flower variety. After the cuttings in August of the lunar calendar, you generally have to make three topics. After planting, the main stem left two sections to start the first topping, and after about 13 days every 13 days, two sections were left once every side. The third time is about 68 days before the Spring Festival. This time is not premature or too late to avoid missing the Spring Festival flowers. In order to reduce nutrient consumption, when the plants are just bid, all thexillary buds should be erased. And sprayed the flower buds strong, the petals were hypertrophy, the colorful color, the flower fragrance was strong, and the flowering period was prolonged.

Attachment: The method of the chrysanthemums in the room to go through the winter

After the potted chrysanthemum is grazing, cut off the old stem and pour water through. Then move it with a sunny room, the temperature should not be too hot, as long as it is zero. The main reason is to control the watering. Wait for the dry pot soil before watering, and do not pour more water each time. After the sky gradually increases, then slowly increase the amount of water, and then move to the outdoors. After the plant germinates the new buds, sub -and cuttings can be used to make chrysanthemums better.

In the late autumn and winter, the first generation of new buds from the root of the chrysanthemum plant was chosen for cuttings. You can dig out the roots of the bud in the soil, and then insert it into the prepared flowerpot. Moving it indoors, the indoor temperature should not be too high, it can be kept above zero degrees, watering less, and the pot soil is slightly humid. Wait until March and April of the next year againGo to the outdoor sun.

How to maintain and trim chrysanthemums in winter: Leave the roots and save buds, trim and stay, how to maintain the mage in winter?

The pruning of chrysanthemums

Because chrysanthemums are perennial flowers, many friends want to know how chrysanthemums are trimmed in winter, I hope to continue to appreciate chrysanthemum in the coming year. Chrysanthemum trimming is actually very simple.

The branches of chrysanthemums cut off the winter from the roots (chrysanthemums mainly rely on the roots and roots of small seedlings to come to winter), and cut it after opening the flowers. Even if it is not cut, the old branches will wither naturally. Cut early. Flower friends sometimes find small seedlings sent from the roots at the bottom. You don't need to cut this. We said earlier that the chrysanthemums rely on the seedlings to pass the winter, and this kind of seedlings have a strong cold resistance. Live! Therefore, these roots of chrysanthemums are not a problem with overwintering, and it will grow strongly next spring.

A simple summary is that after the chrysanthemum blooms, the flower branches are reduced from the root (about 2 cm can be left). The branches that are not blooming will slowly wither by itself. For the sake of insurance, you can put the room in the room and ventilation.

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