What are the main points of Lige Begonia?

What are the main points of Lige Begonia?

① It is not advisable to plant too deep when the upper stale, so as not to rot.

② Watering should be appropriate, based on the principle of seeing dry and wet.The flowering period should be reduced, and the pot soil should be moderately dry.

③ Apply a thin liquid fertilizer 1-2 times a month during the growth period, and add phosphorus and potassium fertilizer during flowering.

④ Spring and autumn should be kept in the semi -yin where the 50 {BF} direct light is maintained, so that it accepts bright scattered light.Put in the south window in winter to receive light.

⑤ Put the old stems after each flower to promote new stems.

⑥ After the spring flowers, the pot is replaced, and the new culture soil is added to add base fertilizer.

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