How to raise cowama chrysanthemum?

How to raise cowama chrysanthemum?

① reproduction. It can be reproduced with sowing and cutting methods, and the sowing method is commonly used. To maintain excellent variety characteristics. It is better to reproduce with cutting methods. The sowing time is different due to the different climate. Generally, it can be sowed in the greenhouse in the cold area in the cold area; and in the warm climate, sowing in September is better, so that early spring can be used in the flower bed. Because calendula needs to be a long time in the low temperature stage, the growth of the spring plants is worse than the flowers of the flowers than the autumn sowing. Because the germination rate of centered chrysanthemum seeds is not high, the amount of sowing is larger. After sowing, the temperature remains at about 20 ° C and can germinate in about 10 days.

② seedling management. When the seedlings have 3 ~ 4 genuine leaves, they can be transplanted and planted, but they need to apply enough base fertilizer; when it grows to 5-6 real leaves, it needs to be tied to promote branches, so that the plants are lush and the flower branches increase.

③ Fertilization and watering. Watering should not be too much during growth, just keep the soil moist. At the same time, thin liquid fertilizer is applied every 2 weeks until the bud. If you lack fertilizer, the flowers are small and many, and it is single -petal.

④ Wipe off the side buds. If you want to make the chrysanthemums huge, you need to erase the side buds in time to concentrate the nutrients on the top of the bud. In addition, if the flowering period is extended, the residual flowers need to be cut in time. When the seeds are mature from May to June, they must be harvested in batches in batches.

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