How to plant the four seasons of cherry blossoms?

How to plant the four seasons of cherry blossoms?

① shallow broadcast.It should be sown in August to September and shallow.It is best to mix some fine sand when sowing. After sowing, you do n’t have to cover the soil. It is flattened with a glass and covered with a newspaper or placed in a semi-yin. The germination temperature is 15-21 ° C.

② Seedlings.When the seedlings have 7 leaves, they can be transplanted.Pot soil cannot be used for acidic soil, otherwise it will cause \"losing green\".The soil requires good drainage and is rich in humus.During the planting, it should be appropriate. Pay attention to the root crown on the surface of the soil. The planting is too deep and easy to rot with seedlings.Water after planting and put them in a cool place.Fertilization should be often fertilized during growth.

③ light and temperature.In early October, the window sill or balcony of Xiangyang can be moved for normal maintenance.The room temperature in winter cannot be lower than 8 ° C, and it cannot be higher than 25 ° C during the day. The temperature at night is higher than the daytime, which will delay flowering and cause the branches and leaves.

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