How to keep the water umbrella?

How to keep the water umbrella?

Pymnops of water nourishing

Salva Grassy is warm and chills, and joy grows in the environment of semi -overcast and humid and ventilated environment.It should be potted and water.When the potted plants, they often fall or die due to improper watering and yellow stems.Therefore, water care is better.

The method of nourishing the umbrella is as follows:

Select the low (about 15-20 cm high), 5 ~ 7 branches with a cluster of mud seedlings with mud seedlings, Wash the soil of the grass roots with tap water, and then put it in the basin.The water basin uses a bowl, disc, or disk with appreciation value.Then use sand or eggs to press the root of the dry umbrella, so that it will not be fixed.In the end, the water is water, and the water can be drowned.Do not move out of the outdoor in winter to prevent freezing.You need to change warm water every half month, or see a little less water.In the period of growth, while the new branches and leaves are long, the old branches are yellow, and they can be cut.Change the water once 3 to 5 days, or less water in the pot, add a little bit.It is better to add 12 inorganic fertilizers to the pot every month, dwarf and green.

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