How to make the browless green leaves green?

How to make the browless green leaves green?

Grassygarten is warm, humid and ventilated environment, with yin and cold and cold, and can be cultivated indoors throughout the year. The appropriate growth temperature is 15 ° C-20 ° C, and the temperature in winter is 7 ° C-12 ° C. Before the frost, the people should be moved indoors to keep warm. If the frost is freezing, the leaves will be yellowed. In severe cases, it will be frozen and the root will die. Move out of the Qingming outdoors before and after.

In the hot summer season, the light is strong, and the strong light is direct. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the blade coke or yellowing, affect growth and ornamental. Put the pot should be placed on a shaded scaffolding or under the shade of the shade of the roof.

The soil of potted plants should be rich in humus and water retention. During the growth period, it should be applied once every 2 weeks of thin cake fertilizer or nitrogen fertilizer. During the dry season or during the summer high temperature, water should be sprayed with water frequently to make the air moist, so that the plants can grow green and lush.

When the room temperature drops to about 5 ° C in winter, the moisture is needed appropriately to make the pot soil slightly dry. Low temperature and wet pot soil can easily rot the roots of the plant.

If there are yellow leaves, it should be cut off in time, and the old stem and pole should be cut as soon as possible to promote the re -germination of the new stem pole and update each year, so that the stem and pole can be strong and powerful, the bracts are fresh and pleasant Essence Potted plants, generally changing pots in early spring every year, cut off some old roots when changing pots, and add new soil to help thrive.

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