What are the characteristics of umbrella grass?

What are the characteristics of umbrella grass?

Salva grass sex is warm and humid, ventilated and good environment, not cold -resistant, rich and rich in viscous soil, with a suitable temperature period of 15 ~ 20 ° C, 7 ~ 7 ~ 7 ~12 ℃.The umbrella grass is lush, bright and green, the top leaves spread like umbrella -shaped, flowers are pale purple, and they bloom in summer.Its variants have white stripes on the leaves and stems.Salva grass, strange leaf shape, is a common leaf -viewing plant in the room.Salvation, cuttings, cuttings and divisions can be reproduced.Sowing from March to April, the seedlings can be transplanted at 5 cm high.The division is performed in the basin from March to April.Cuttings can take root for about 10 days.During the growth period, keep the soil moist and avoid direct sunlight in summer; chase fertilizer every 15 days.Cut the yellow leaves and pour in time.Winter greenhouses must not be lower than 15 ° C, and moisture must be controlled.

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