How should the umbrella grass cut in cuttings?

How should the umbrella grass cut in cuttings?

Salvation grass can be cut and reproduce, but its stems are based on the base of the umbrella leaf.

① sand insertion.Cuttings can be carried out in conjunction with trimming, cut from 10 cm below the top of the stem, and cut it at the top of the leaf on the surrounding leaves, leaving a disc in 4 to 5 cm (so that it can play a supporting role in survival).Then insert it into the sandy loam soil, water the water, and keep it moist and about 20 ° C in the future. You can take root in about a month, and germinate into a new plant.

② water insertion.The method is: After cutting the cuttings according to the above method, it is tied into a beam and inserted into the water container.It can also take root in about 1 month, and then open the bundle pot.After the basin, keep the conditions of moist and shade to avoid direct light.

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