How to plant white flowers and purple dew?

How to plant white flowers and purple dew?

White flower purple dew grass is also called light bamboo leaves and white flowers purple duck purple.Its stems grow, with purple -red halo, festivals, swelling at the section, and the leaves are narrow oval, fresh green, with white stripes.Umbrella -shaped inflorescence, small flowers, white colors, flowering periods are summer and autumn.

White flower purple dew grass is originally produced in Uruguay, Brazil and other places. Like duck grass, sex is warm and humid.In winter, the minimum temperature should not be lower than 1 ° C-2 ° C.The indoor is too dry in winter, and fog -shaped water should be sprayed on the plants and surrounding grounds frequently.

White flowers and purple dew grass grows, and the branches and leaves can also sag and grow. Place the top of the bookcase, hang in front of the window, and place it on the corner of the desk.It is easy to breed white flowers and purple dew, and use tender branches.

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