What are the characteristics of centered chrysanthemum?

What are the characteristics of centered chrysanthemum?

Grand chrysanthemums are full of sunlight, cool in summer, can resist barren and drought soil, but grow well in loose and fertile alkaline soils and have a certain cold resistanceEssenceIn the south of the Yangtze River Basin, the summer is mostly withered.

The chrysanthemum period of the calendula is long and blooms in spring. In the cool area or semi -yin environment in summer, it can last until the summer.Because its flowers are like a disc, upright upright, the color is golden.There are single petals and double petals, while the cultivation is mostly species.In addition to various shades of yellow, the color of the color is also orange, orange, milky white, etc. It is the main material used in flower beds in early spring. It can also be used as potted flowers and balcony flowers.

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