How to scientifically maintain Feiyancao?

How to scientifically maintain Feiyancao?

Feiyan's grassy cold climate and sufficient sunlight, suitable for growing in good drainage, slightly humus -containing viscosity loam;When summer is hot, it should cover the shade net to cool down.In winter, the south can overwinter, and the north needs to increase the coverage of coverage.At the same time, it should be noted:

① Use compost or phosphorus and potassium fertilizer as base fertilizer, and nitrogen fertilizer as topdressing.

② Use the net and rope to support fixation to prevent winding from windy.

③ The soil is kept moist during the growth period, which can extend the flowering period.

④ After the first blooming, short -cutting is required, and 15-20 cm from the ground can achieve the purpose of secondary flowering.

⑤ Breeding can be used for seeds and cuttings. The former sowed from March -April or autumn, and the latter was divided into spring and autumn.

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