How should Tianmen Winter Grass breed?

How should Tianmen Winter Grass breed?

① Sub -breeding. It can be carried out in the four seasons, but before the winter of the early spring is not germinated, it is most suitable to combine the pots and soil. In the division, the old plant is scooped out of the original basin, cut off part of the excess old roots, removes some old mud, and divides into 3 ~ 5 bushes with a sharp knife according to the size of the plant. Do not plant it too deep when the pot is put on the basin. After the water is poured into the half -yin, it can be maintained by general planting after 2 to 10 days.

② Seeding and breeding. The seeds harvested every other year are broadcast in early spring or early summer. The thickness of the soil is about 1 times the diameter of the seeds. If the cover is too thick, it will affect germination. Soake the water after sowing and cover the half -shade of the back room. In the future, it is necessary to keep the pot soil moisturizing, and it can be emerged in about 15 days. When the seedlings are as high as 6 to 8 cm, the seedlings are transplanted in time. Tianden winter grass needs to be trimmed in winter and spring to remove the old and weak branches. During the growth period, we must have a good drainage, chase the fertilizer once every 10 to 15 days, and loosen the soil in time. In the summer, you need to place it outdoors and keep it. Keep it without drying. Do not water too much to avoid yellow branches. Move the greenhouse in winter and keep the temperature of 15 ° C ~ 20 ° C to safely overwinter.

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