How to plant grass hibiscus?

How to plant grass hibiscus?

Grass hibiscus is warm and sunny, cold, drought -resistant, but afraid of stagnant water; not strict requirements on the soil, but planting in good drainage, deep and fertile soil layers, deep and fertile soil layers The sandy loam is better. The management requirements of grass hibiscus are not strict. After spring budding, it is necessary to water it appropriately. Generally, 3 to 4 fertilizer is needed during the growth period. Following the fertilizer, it is generally used for composite liquid fertilizer or bean cake water. The soil should be kept moist, pay attention to ventilation. Pay attention to drainage in time in the rainy season to prevent stagnant water. After the first frost in the north, the dead branches should be cut, and the freezing water should be poured once before the winter, and the soil is cold. After the grass hibiscus is mature, it is easy to scatter, and you should pay attention to harvest in time. Grass hibiscus can use sowing and division methods to reproduce. Sowing and breeding: Real seedlings are very strong, and the real seedlings of autumn can be blossomed in the second year; the year of spring sowing can bloom. But the number of flowers was not much. Sub -breeding: Spring and autumn can be carried out in both seasons, cutting the stem buds on the mother plant with roots, and planting separately. Adult plants generally need to be divided into divisions 2 to 3 years, otherwise the branches and leaves will be too dense, which will consume excessive nutrients, leading to poor growth and affecting flowers and quality.

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