What are the advantages of breeding duck grass in autumn?

What are the advantages of breeding duck grass in autumn?

1. It is easy to survive, grow rapidly, and can be fully potted in a short time.

2. The growth stems are not high, the growth leaves are strong, and it is easy to grow in winter.

3. Blossoming in the coming year is beautiful.Breeding in autumn, it is advisable to cut cuttings.The method is to cut about 10 cm of old stems, cut it in the section, half a month, and take root after half a month, and pump from the side.The cultivation should adhere to the \"three more\".

① Many water.Usually keep the pelvic mud wet, too long leaves, long stems, weak stems, and small leaves, at the same time, the leaves will droop.In addition to paying attention to watering, it is necessary to spray water on the leaves.

② fat.Duck grass is addicted to fertilizer, many fats, and many leaves are large and hypertrophy.

③ Rizhao.The duck -grass grass is as small as sunlight, the purple is not thick, and the more purple is sunny.There is no need to cover the sun in autumn, the leaf color is thick, the color is purple, the leaves are thick, and it is easy to winter.

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