What is the reason why the plants are godless?

Salva grass, also known as water bamboo, is a perennial herb. The stems are upright, without branches, and the plant height is 60 ~ 120 cm. The leaves are degraded into sheath -shaped and wrapped in the base of the stems. There are 10 ~ 24 chips on the top of the stem, dark green, stripes, etc., arranged into umbrella shapes. It likes a warm and wet and ventilated environment. In summer, it is cultivated in the shade, and it is used to prevent frozen and dormant in winter. Family cultivation should be used for dwarf species. Those who are about 20 centimeters high are equipped with small stones. They are elegant and chic.

What is the reason why the plants are godless?

Potted plants, the easiest cultivation. Although it is resistant to extensive management, the bracts are yellow because of ignoring management.

1. The vertical grass is in the original wild in the shallow swamp, so it is indispensable. Insufficient moisture, not only the tip of the bracket is yellow, but the entire plant is godless. It can be sprayed from top to bottom with a cannon, often keeps humid and do not dry.

2. If it is not short of water, it has not changed the basin for a long time. A circle along the wall of the pot is rooted. Change the pot once.

Third, the lack of fertilizer can also make the plant godless. You can apply thin fertilizer 1-3 times before the summer flowering and winter sleep.

Fourth, the brutal grass is happy.

Salvation grass is generally reproduced with sections, which should be carried out when changing pots in March to April. Before the division, water must be sufficient, the purpose is to make the plant easily separate the pot to avoid damage to the root system. Depending on the strength of the strength, it is changed to the pot in 1 to 2 years. The stems and leaves of the stems and leaves of the brutal grass grow aging after 1-2 years, and the yellow tip appeared.

A large number of umbrella grass can be cutting, cutting from 2-3 cm below the sepals, cutting the outer ring of the leaf -shaped bracts, leaving only 1 cm, and then inserting the stem into the fine sand, and then inserting the stem into the fine sand. Make the remaining bracts close to the sand, water the water, cover it with a plastic film, spray water 1-2 times a day, keep it moist, the temperature is 20 ° C ~ 25 ° C, and it can be survived in about 20 days.

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