How to quickly breed the purple -leaf duck grass?

How to quickly breed the purple -leaf duck grass?

The breeding of purple -leaf duck grass grass is mainly based on divisions and cuttings.The division can be performed in the spring when changing the soil.Cuttings can be carried out throughout the year (the purple -leaf duck is not cold, and cuttings should be performed indoors in winter).After the Qingming, cut all the stems on the mother plant (the root will grow quickly from the root), and insert it in the spikes every 2 knots, and insert it in the plain sand (also vermiculite, perlite, 砻 砻 砻, 砻 砻 砻 清 清Famous ash as a substrate), water the water, cover the glass or cover the plastic cloth to moisturize, about 15 days, after the new roots grow into about 1 ~ 2 cm, you can put a color block on the flower bed.If the outdoor temperature is above 20 ° C, you can cut 3 to 5 tender heads with an old stem about 1 to 2 cm in length into a bunch.In about 15 days, it can naturally grow into a pot of vitality.

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