How to plant silver kingliang silk grass?

The silver king bright silk grass is currently very popular in Guangdong. It has pale green leather leaves with grass green spots on it. The leaves are oblong.Therefore, it is loved by people.

How to plant silver kingliang silk grass?

Avoid direct light when cultivating. It is better to put in the indoor light. It is very durable and can be placed near the north window in summer.The appropriate growth temperature for the whole year is 20 ° C ~ 30 ° C, and it must not be lower than 15 ° C in winter.Because it has leather leaves and can reduce water evaporation, it can adapt to the dry indoor environment in the north.From April to August, it should be watered a large amount, and fertilized once every half month.Planting in the north should also be regularly applied to a 500 times diluted solution of iron sulfate.For the sake of beauty, the sponge should be scrubbed with water dipping water.Planting with a wide mouth pot can highlight the style of the silver king's bright silk.Generally, medium and small potted plants are placed in the corner of the living room or coffee tables and cabinets.Its leaves can also be used as a flower arrangement.

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