What should I pay attention to when raising duck grass?

What should I pay attention to when raising duck grass?

The duck grass is belongs to the genus of the duck grass, the leaf -shaped beauty is elegant. It is a perennial evergreen herbaceous plant.

The duck grass is adapted to the humid and warm room.In winter, it should be hung in a lot of sunlight.Avoid direct sunlight in summer, and room temperature should not be lower than 12 ° C.Change the pots once a year, and the pot soil must be used with humus doped on sand.Water should be poured once a day in summer.If it is dry in winter, it is best to spray fog -like water on the leaves to increase the humidity of the air.Duck -grass grass has a strong adaptability, and generally grows well.

Breaking the duck grass, cutting the tender stems of the plant in the spring, inserting it in a shallow basin equipped with a vegetarian sand, pouring the water, and taking root quickly.The cultivation of duck grass in the north is: hanging bamboo plums, white flowers and purple dew, purple duck purple grass and so on.The leaves of the hanging bamboo plum are silver -white and the leaves are purple.The leaves of purple ducks are rose purple, which is very decorative.

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