Hua Lingcao Planting: When will Hualing Cao plant sowing?

Hua Lingcao Planting: When will Hualing Cao plant sowing?

Flower Lingcao's Celebrity Ginseng and Golden Flowers are perennial herbaceous plants for poppies. Native to southwestern United States. The height of the flowers grass plant is 30 ~ 60 cm in height. Flowers are born on the top of the stem and have long stalks. There are three types of petals: single -petal, semi -petal, and heavy room. The color is pure yellow, orange, light powder and other colors. Flower period from April to June.

Hua Lingcao is more cold -resistant, with sufficient sunlight, dry and cool environment, and not resistant to humidity. It is not strict with soil fertility, is loose and fertile, good drainage, and deep sandy loam soil, which can grow well even in barren soil. Flowers day and night.

Hua Lingcao breeds with seeds. In addition to artificial autumn broadcasting, it can also be broadcast. Because it is a straight root plant, the main roots are large, the roots are scarce, and they are not resistant to transplantation. Therefore, it is advisable to plant or use nutritional bowls to raise seedlings. The exposed sowing was carried out in mid -September. Due to the sake of seeds, the soil should be covered after sowing. Under the temperature conditions of 15 ° C to 17 ° C, it should be seedlings for about 10 days. The seedlings were raised in time before the launch of Zhenye. After the frost, when the seedlings grow to 5-6 leaves, it should be time seedlings or planting. Do not hurt the roots with soil planting, otherwise it is not easy to recover. It can also be broadcast before the land freezes. Wind barriers were protected, and seedlings were unearthed the following year. The seedling period should be provided with sufficient water and nutrients to promote strong growth.

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