How to raise bottle grass: Bottle grass is happy?

How to raise bottle grass: Bottle grass is happy?

Growth habit:

The bottle grass is a bottle grass perennial herbaceous plant, which grows in the marsh in North America. Unlike the pig cage grass, it is more cold -resistant and is suitable for cultivation in northern China. Instead, facilities are needed to cultivate. The growth temperature of the bottle grass is about 20 ° C, and it remains at 1 ~ 7 ° C in winter. The bottle grass is happy. If it is placed in the room for too long, the light is insufficient, the color will be dim, and it is easy to breed diseases and insect pests.

Cultivation technology:

The native land of bottle grass plants is mainly peat marshland and thin spine wetlands, all year round in a moist state. Therefore, the preferred planting materials should be the best for living materials for artificially planting bottle grass, followed by dried white water moss, which can use it to suck water directly as plant materials. In addition, peat soil can also be used directly to plant bottle grass. If it can be mixed with 1/3 of the acidic coarse sand in it, it can facilitate the breathability of its roots. It is worth noting that the purple bottle (S.PurPurea) grows in a slightly alkaline swamp in the origin. Therefore, it is better for those who are slightly alkaline. The pH value can be applied directly from 4-5 to about 6.

Bottle grass is a kind of wet -rayed insectic plants that can be immersed in the swamp land for many years in the wild, so a very wet environment is needed, and its growth will be strong. Under artificial cultivation conditions, if you plant it with waist water, you can directly irrigate the water into the pot or pour it until the basin is full. If you use water -leaking ordinary flower pot plants, in the strong growth season, you must keep watering once a day and spray to create high humidity environmental conditions. Especially in hot summer, the number of watering times can be increased to 2 times to make up for supplementation to make up for supplementation The scorching sun quickly steams the lack of water. By the dormant period of dormancy, watering can be controlled to keep the plant in the pot a little wet.

Water and fertilization management are similar to pig cage grass. In the growth season, water should be sprayed frequently to maintain the surrounding high humidity environment. It's just that the bottle grass has a dormant period in summer and winter. During the dormant period, water should be watered less to stop fertilizing.

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