What are the characteristics of watering the plants?

Salvation grass is resistant to dry drought, and a large amount of water needs to be used in the growth period, and the water giving water for the gorgeous grass is different from other leaf -viewing plants.

What are the characteristics of watering the plants?

Many experienced flowers talk about watering, and they will always emphasize that the plant root system in the pot cannot be immersed in the water saturated pot soil for a long time.It is said that the four seas are allowed.However, it is an exception for umbrella grass. It is damp to water. If the potting soil holds water for a long time, the umbrella grass will grow vigorously.Instead, if the water is lacking, the tip of the leaf will be yellow and curled.You can simply soak it in water for water.Choose the young plant to cut off the old roots, leaving only a few short roots, and soon it can grow white and tender aquatic roots. If the container is transparent, it will be more ornamental.

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