How to raise the milm edge grass in the room: requires sufficient light?

The oatmonus and books that are usually referred to by people refer to the grass along the steps. Silver edge -edge grass is a variant of it. In addition to the green leaves with long strips, the leaf margin is also silver -white, and the underground has a swollen meat root roots. This plant is planted in open fields in the south of my country, and it is regarded as a good indoor leaf -viewing plant in the north.

How to raise the milm edge grass in the room: requires sufficient light?

银边沿阶草要求光线充足,光照不足会使叶子恢复成全绿色,但要避免夏季的强光直射,最好放在通风良好的东、 Near West Window. The cold place is placed indoors in winter, but the temperature should not be lower than 5 ° C. Watering does not need to be carried out every day. Usually, as long as the pot soil is wet, and accidental water is missing for two or three days, the problem is not big. From March to August, the thin fertilizer water is applied every half month, which can make the leaves green and lush green. Require medium humidity, high humidity will rot the rhizome, so water should not be sprayed frequently. Silver edge -edge grass must be replaced every year. With loose and fertile potted soil, soil and pots must be well drained in order to grow well. The breeding can be carried out in combination with the basics of the spring every spring. The tender plant is divided into a sub -plant method, and the old strains are eliminated.

The flowers and fruits of silver edge along the steps of the edge also have good ornamental value. After the white or purple flowers in the summer, the small purple berries can be made up, which is quite chic and beautiful.

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