Purple -leaf duck grass reproduction: cuttings?

Purple -leaf duck grass reproduction: cuttings?

Purple -leaf duck -grass grass is also called hanging bamboo plum, which has strong adaptability, easy cultivation, cold tolerance, direct sunlight, and grow well in summer.

Purple -leaf duck purple grass generally breeds with cuttings, cut 10 ~ 15 cm 1 section from June to August, the branches are placed in small pots, and the shade is about 20 days.2 ~ 4 leaves, and then topping to make it germinate new branches.If the new branches are not plump, you can also get topped again, and when the pot is full, it can grow naturally.Purple -leaf duck -grassing grass does not require special management, and fertilizer should not be diligent, but in winter, it needs to be placed in the room with sunlight. Generally, it is cultivated.The cultivation varieties include purple -back green surface and white spotted varieties. There are all green leaf wild species in the suburbs of Beijing, which are easy to plant.It is wrong to call the purple -leaf duck purple grass.

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