Banana flower: eating method and effect?

Banana flower is a flower bud or flower of the banana plant banana. The ears are raw, bract flame -like, reddish -brown or purple. This article introduces the method of eating banana flowers and its effects.

Banana flower: eating method and effect?

The way to eat banana flowers

1. Fry the banana: All are young petals as raw materials. When processing, wash the banana flowers and stir with a little salt, and squeeze the juice with your hands. When stir -fry, add some green pepper and the folk toas made of bean dregs with oil. If the cooking meat is fried with banana flowers, the meat (pork or dog meat is better) should be washed, and the meat is chopped into minced meat after filtering. Add the banana flowers and salt and monosodium glutamate with salt and squeezing the astringent water, and fry until the banana flowers are cooked, that is, put it for food.

2, steamed banana flowers: Use banana flowers, lean pork and eggs as raw materials. First cook the young banana flowers with boiling water, chop them, add a little salt to knead, squeeze the astringent water and put it into the bowl, add egg juice and chopped pork onion, garlic, cricket and a few green peppers, salt, salt, salt, salt, salt, salt, salt, salt, salt, MSG, mix well, use fresh banana leaves into square leaf wraps, steam for 20 ~ 30 minutes to eat.

3, banana flower soup: cooked with wild banana flowers, lean pork slices and stinky vegetables as the main raw materials. Banana flower peel off the outer layer of old petals, washed and chopped, knead a little salt, rinse with water to remove astringent flavor, cook with broth until seven mature, add pork slices (last), and wash the cut section of stinky vegetables. Cooked, add an appropriate amount of salt and MSG to eat.

The efficacy of banana flowers

Medicinal parts: Banana flower buds or flowers.

Sexual flavor: sweet, slightly Xin, cool.

Function and Indications: It has the treatment of phlegm and softness, flat liver, and stasis, passing the meridians, chest fullness, abdominal pain, swallowing and nausea, vomiting and saliva, dazzling head, heart pain, women's sutra The effect of not smooth.

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